Monday, November 12, 2007

Sheehan goodness

Today Sheehan was in rare form, once again into the breech dear friends to fill it with Liberal party talking points.

See here.

Here's the view from Sheehan

This is uncharted territory. Nine Labor governments out of nine. Nine governments able to cross-fertilise each other's power base, exercising complete control over appointments to the judiciary and the senior bureaucracy. Nine Labor governments with big debts to the unions that underpin their finances. It could change Australia's political culture for a generation.

Nice one Paul. Must be nice to have the Libs do the thinking for you. Complete control! Because you see they will all be in cahoots - nasty, evil Labor it is. Scheming it is. My precious.

Rising interest rates have been offset by income tax cuts from the Federal Government. Housing prices have been rising in most areas, which means the net wealth of home buyers has been rising. Reserve Bank statistics show no meaningful mortgage delinquency. There is no crisis.

No crisis eh? So the fact it takes 100k to buy an average house, therefore locking out those who don't have that kind of cash, and the fact it takes seven years salary to pay it off Vs five years isn't a crisis eh? All those people pushed over the edge by each rate rise ... not a crisis?

Fucking hell he's a nob.

There is the other manufactured "crisis" that has been helped along by government missteps. The unions have financed a campaign against the Work Choices legislation built on a series of scares presented by actors masquerading as victims. In contrast, since Work Choices became law, work creation has boomed. Last Thursday's employment figures showed the economy at the highest rate of employment and job-creation in a generation.

The Prime Minister made one of the great mistakes of his career by investing so much political capital in Kevin Andrews, who oversaw sweeping labour market reforms via Work Choices, reforms that have stimulated job growth and job creation, as intended, but have also been overly ambitious, overly cumbersome and very much a work in progress. The Government needs to address this reality or die.

Labor's confection of a sense of crisis, in the midst of real-world growth and prosperity, is thus based on some real-world stress, much of it self-inflicted by a consumer-driven culture, plus a great deal of hot air and false hope.

Yes, how dare those evil unions campaign against fundamentally unfair laws that strike at the fucking heart of collective bargaining for conditions and pay. Poor Sheehan, I wonder if he was molested by a union leader at some point. It would explain his devoid of logic dribble that he coughs up here. "Actors" he cries. "Evil actors pretending to be normal people". So ... the government didn't use actors did it Paul in their ads? Unions can't use actors eh? They can't draw on real life elements to present their case via actors eh? Damn you unions, damn you and your actor usage! Only the great Liberal government can use actors, at $6000 per day, with employers forcing actual workers in those ads to do overtime to appear as extras in said commercials.

There is, however, a real schism, a real issue that divides the Government and the Opposition - the restoration of union power.

That is what the election on November 24 is really about. Under a Labor government, the deputy prime minister and minister for industrial relations would be a hard-left union ideologue and labour lawyer, Julia Gillard. The attorney-general would be Senator Joe Ludwig, who, in the great tradition of the Labor patronage machine, is the son of a Queensland Labor powerbroker, Bill Ludwig, the national president of the Australian Workers Union. Leaders of the machine would dominate the ministry.

Nooooooooooo, the unions. The organisations of workers who collectively bargain for conditions of service and pay are coming! They will dismantle the greatest economy ever made in the history of ever and it was all John Howard and his ability not to be unionist that did it!

Evil nasty unions they is. Obviously the corollary of 'former union official = business raped over the desk' is true! Because Paul Sheehan says so.

Stick to spruiking your magic water mate. Because your journalism is nothing more than Today Tonight in print.

UPDATE: Sheehan links the WorkChoices legislation to the growth in employment. Funny how his precious Lib buddies won't release the requisite stats to prove that's the case. Funny how academics have proved that the most vulnerable in the workplace have had their conditions pared back under WorkCChoices. Why does the SMH employ this man?


  1. Why does the SMH employ this man?

    Especially when he's not working for them- he's working for the Liberal Party.

  2. Exactly. But basically he attracts outrage hence the reason why he's employed. It does irk me though.


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