Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nice one Family First

Presumably by family we mean "white" and "judeo-christian" since Fielding and his gang of homophobic cronies decided to preference swap with ... Pauline Hanson.

Yep, Pauline Hanson may get into parliament on the back of the FF vote.

See The Age article here.

Even the Libs put her last. Instead Fielding has decided no, no she's worth being put in front of those nasty secularists the ALP, Greens, and Dems. Sure she's 47 out of 65 but still, hardly the mark of a family friendly party encouraging a deluded fuckstick to re-enter political life with her own unique brand of shrill broken voiced redneck strine.

Kudos Fielding. Did you think about this when you were taping your latest video blog from the back of that horse you rode in on?

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  1. Haha I saw some of that video blog last night- was it on the 7.30 Report? At first I thought it was something about a riding school for the disabled... apologies to all riding schools for the disabled.

    Family First only gets votes from a small number of raging religious bigots plus the sort of IQ-70 ill-informed 'swinging voters' of the variety we've seen on Four Corners and Insight just recently who see the word 'Family' and think "aww oi loike faamilies, and they are going to make petrol prices lower too" and decide to put a 1 for FF in the ballot box.

    Thank god Labor aren't making the same mistake and preferencing those fucktards this time around.


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