Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Check out the Libs' facts graph they had made up for when the Reserve raised the rate for the sixth time since the Libs intimated they would stay at record lows.

Notice where it starts?

At 5%.

So what does it look like starting at you know, 0%?

Wow. No wonder they cut 5% off. Look how much lower comparatively they are when they remove a chunk of the numbers?

Remember people, Vote Liberal. Because facts don't count - it's only your perception of them that does.

Oh you know how the Libs repeatedly state 'rates will always be lower than Labor' ... well who handed it to them at 12.5% in 1983? ... yep, John Howard. By the way Howard's best effort was 13.5% because his then government capped the rate - which was around 22%.

Always lower my anus. Why do people fall for this shit?


  1. Yep, gotta love where they started the graph, too- conveniently at the high point where Howard left it, as you point out. But they know that people are so dumb they'll just look at the red bit, then the blue bit, and go "awww yeah... I reckon interest rates will be lower under Howard".

  2. Yep, one of the first things that I noticed was the starting at 5%.


  3. it also explains why they didn't put howard's interest rates as treasurer in. their graph only goes to 18%.

  4. What about Sinclair Davidson and Alex Robson from The Australian on the Liberal economic record

    EVEN though the Reserve Bank of Australia announced an increase in its target cash rate of 25 basis points yesterday, it is still lower than it was when the Coalition came to power in 1996. And even if the bank increases it again next month, as many market participants expect, the target cash rate will still be at a lower level than the Coalition inherited


    But the Reserve Bank’s own data shows that even after yesterday’s rise, banks’ standard variable housing loan interest rates will still be lower than their average levels during each of the Whitlam, Hawke and Keating Labor governments.


    Daily cash rate data from January 1979 to October 2007 shows the median interest rate for the Labor years is 11.75 per cent, compared with the Coalition years (including Fraser) of 5.5 per cent.


    To make matters worse, Labor governments also tend to be associated with greater macro-economic instability. The data shows that interest rates have been more volatile during the ALP years.


  5. hooray - the oz! the most balanced journal of record.

    riddle me this. if interest rates can largely be mapped to world rates, why are we paying 1-2 points higher on the oecd average?

    also are u claiming the reason foe the low rates under the coalition is solely down to their econ management?

  6. Those authors of the above article have form on being free markets rule above all else, bow down before the free markets. As evidenced by this Asian Wall Street Journal article hosted, naturally enough, on the National's website.

    They claim of course that because Rudd and the ALP want to temper the free markets from a social responsibility viewpoint that shock horror it's re-regulation of the economy. Reviews! Inquiries! All stopping honest joe businessman from bending the worker and environment over the desk and giving them what for.

    You know what? I'm with Rudd. The free market is the best way but not 100% Friedman free. Because it doesn't work in reality - much like communism.

  7. That's some good MS Wording/ Photoshopping, Mikey.

  8. "Always lower my anus."

    Do you mean always decrease the height of the chair you're sitting on?

  9. There should have been a comma ...

  10. I should use that sentence in a grammar lesson at school.

    Then again, maybe I shouldn't.

  11. Swap anus for pants? Um ... no.


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