Sunday, November 18, 2007


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) overnight handed down a summary of its three previous reports on global warming, issuing its most stark warning yet on its impact and urging politicians to immediately tackle the threat.

The panel of scientists declared the impact of global warming could be "abrupt or irreversible" and no country would be spared.

For the rest see here.

My immediate reaction was 'we be fucked'. Unless Bush is given the arse and other climate change denying fucksticks - cough, Howard, cough - as as well.

RE Kyoto. We're going to prob meet our target. We get a seat at the table for what comes after it if we sign. We don't get that seat, or have the same level of influence as to what the world does to stop it cooking. Not signing it is moronic. In fact its criminal. And the only reason why is because a stubborn old man clinging to his last days in twisted power has decided he can't cut and run from cutting and running from it in the first place.

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  1. Of course we're going to meet our target. Has everyone forgotten that our target was an INCREASE? 108% of 1990 levels.

    It's not that hard to just keep using energy like there's no tomorrow. Which if we do keep using energy like we are - there won't be. Or at least not one I want to be living in.

    God this shit makes me mad. Fucking Howard and Turnbull carrying on as though we have decreased emissions in line with Kyoto, when they've actually gone UP? Grrrr.


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