Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day Eight

I was doing a half day at home today. A half day because I had no sleep and was in incredible amounts of IBS pain. Fortunately I could access some work online and keep busy.

Anyway, day eight. Much like the polls, no real change. It still sucked. It's hard to deal what's an IBS flash'o'agony and what's hunger pains, but I think it's prob the former for the most part. Being a gassy mofo sure as hell did not help.

It's funny how now I can eat a little finger to the second knuckle sized sliver of Optifast bar and it's enough to drown out much of the severe hunger signals.

Anyhoo, it's harder for being at home because well home is where the hunger is and there's ways and means of redressing it. Luckily I managed to hold out - so far.

Least there's only six days to go.


  1. Bummer about the pains (no pun intended) - but well done on making it so far! Not long to go now.

  2. Keep it up Harrangue Man! (And the indignant commentary too! You're doing well.

  3. So fucking hungry.

    Right now I would give $100 to get an El Macho.


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