Monday, November 19, 2007

Day 14

I made the mistake of taking a shake to work. In its defence the core nub of the mistake occurred from my putting the powder in the shaker before the water. When shaken, it left drifts of powder at the bottom that could not be shifted. The shaking left it watery and lumpy and I gagged on lumps when the dregs came down.

All in all - not good.

However that being said on Day 14 - largely felt good. Tomorrow is the Op, then it's a graduated return to solids over a month. There's even a warm liquid goo phase which is kewl slash not kewl at all.

Is putting slash instead of a / pretentious? Probably.

Anyhoo - fasting from midnight tonight. Yay. And no fizzy drinks for two weeks or so afterwards. Double yay of the not actually double yay at all, clearly sarcastic variety.

So all in all, I made it barring unforeseen sleep eating. Hey man, USE is real. In fact lots of people do kooky 'during sleep' stuff, usually a reaction to medications. The funniest I heard of was one woman who became a lady of the evening while 'asleep'. I wonder what she thought when she woke up and found the wedges of cash on her person?

Finally, a rating for Optifast. I give it a 6/10. Avoid the soups - the bars are okay for the first few days - but the stand out is the Strawberry milkshake. I actually looked forward to it.

Have fun campers.


  1. Wee - does slightly deflated woo woos on the carpet Homer style

  2. Good luck!

    Looking forward to hearing from you post op :o)


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