Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 12

I haven't eaten solid food now for over 48 hours. I imagine my stomach is a deflated balloon. I still get hunger pains mind you. But the idea of eating those repulsive bars makes me gag.

When Oprah famously crash dieted all those years ago she did it via milkshakes which are I guess akin to this. I remember reading about how when she went on air post weight loss she spruiked the maker, whose switchboard apparently crapped itself because it could not take the volume of calls.

But it's still crash dieting. And crash diets don't work. Again, if I didn't have to do this to avoid potential surgical complications I sure as hell would not try losing weight this way. It's painful and its depressing.

The shiny happy overweight girl riding the bike on the front of the Optifast literature is a lie. In reality she'd probably be sitting sadly on the couch thinking about what food she would eat if she could.

Just two days to go.

... yay ...


  1. have you perhaps considered getting a bike? certainly you have nothing to lose in directly imitating the image, except for a sex change, you should probably draw the line there. biking's fun, especially if you avoid the hills.

  2. I have to get a bike for the ultra fat - cause a normal frame cannot take my build. I look a tad ungainly.

    It's like swimming. best exercise in the world except I look comedic if I try.

    The only thing I can do without hating myself is walking. And at least I am starting to do more of that.

  3. Dude, who cares how you look, it ain't a fashion show!

    Christ, you should see me when I get home from cycling, I look like a tomato - a tomato that smells like rancid cider and dog cum! (love that sweat, "man-juice", I call it).

    Everybody looks ungainly doing something, don't let it bother you.

    imho, the awesome thing about cycling is that it's not just exercise, it's actually transport (and in Canberra, usually faster than public transport, and depending when/where you go, in the ballpark of a car, too).


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