Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Channel ten trying on their running late crap again

I like the show House. I also like Prison Break. We tape both. House ends at 930. The tape then kicks over to Prison Break on Channel Seven.

For the last three eps of House I have missed the ending because fucking Channel fucking ten fucking runs its fucking programs over time. Tonight House ended not at 9:30 but at 9:38. A couple of minutes - sure - I get that. But eight minutes! How is that fitting to any kind of schedule. Here's my theory. The amount of advertising a commercial station can run is self regulated. So they run as much advertising as they can which includes decisions like this to arbitrarily stick eight more minutes in on top of everything else they crammed in.

Channel ten - you suck. There's a reason why people are fleeing free to air and its not just your shithouse reality TV programming. It's you actual broadcasting techniques of shaving seconds before the ad break, cutting out dialogue (the Simpsons being a classic example) and refusing to stick to your advertised schedule. And don't get me started on your shitty introduce a kewl show like Jericho then arse it without a fucking word.

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  1. Yep, on the rare occasion I sit down to watch something on commercial TV I always wind up asking myself why... it's like they hate their viewers and want them to leave and not come back!


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