Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oils are Oils

Midnight Oil rawks. And while many grumble about Peter Garrett's seeming back down on "core principles" you have to remember that politics is about compromise and at the end of the day you can get more done pissing out of the tent than pissing in. Besides who would you prefer as environment minister? Turnbull?

Anyhoo, MB's link to the "Forgotten Years" Howard clip reminded me how awesome both the Oils music was/is, and the strength of the message wrapped in it.

This is my favourite one.


  1. I think being in the ALP must do Peter Garrett's head in, sometimes. He's not your typical a-conscious politicial, and having to constantly compromise on something he really believes in must really get him down, I think.

    And no-one HAS to vote Labor or Liberal- the only reason it seems like there's only two choices is because that's the way most idiots vote.

    I'd rather have Peter Garrett as environment minister than some other mug who's a career politician (or in Turnbull's case a career multimillionaire businessman) and doesn't really give a shit, but we shouldn't pretend that it has to be Labor or Liberal deciding policy. We don't have an american-style system where there's really no choice outside of two parties. The only way real achievements on the environment will be made is if enough people vote Green for that party to hold the balance of power in the senate.

  2. Oh, and thanks for the clip- Midnight Oil were pretty much the only good thing about the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony. What else was there? Nikki Webster flying above a bunch of dancing black people. Great message that sent.


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