Friday, October 26, 2007

Lefty cabal put to shame

Here in the Commonwealth PS you have to be apolitical. It's hard at times, especially when you hate the current Federal government so, so, so very much. In my area most people are largely indifferent, or lean slightly the way of the McMansion/SUV types. Unfortunately myself, the guy who sits next to me, and the dude across the partition are fairly dyed in the wool lefties. So this election it's hard to not make fun of said government in power and talk up our man in Amsterdam Mr K Rudd. Generally we chat, then realise what we said, look around guiltily and slink off.

In many ways I am glad my ex boss has left. Because she was a stickler for the apolitical talk and rulers would have been employed or at the very least stern talking toos.

Anyhoo today I walked upstairs to grab a bunch of merchandise. Upon the wall of a workstation partition was a massive five foot high John Howard poster.

Made our lefty club look like a lame arsed effort I can tell you. I do wonder why no one has come along to this person and said 'um ... you really need to take that down.'


  1. Damn, wish you could sneak a photo!

  2. I love that they dare to order you to tell them about any political involvement you might have, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with your work.

  3. Yeah you do have to nom membership in groups etc.

    But the ban really only extends to political activity within the workplace. We don't violate the rules - but come close.

    A big fuck off poster of Howard however clearly does so.


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