Sunday, October 07, 2007

I succumbed

I hate being pan handled at when at the bus stop etc for the infamous 'I just need $2 for the bus.' Why? Because once when I did do it the obviously non poor himbo simply walked to another person while I was in both eye and ear shot and tried it on again. At least wait until I have left.

Anyway I was at Michels stuffing my gob with a delish apple pie as the NooNoo and his mum were shopping when some raggedy looking dude tried to touch me for money for "the bus".

So I said 'I got a ticket with some rides on it, want that?' to which he kind of deflatedly said '...yes...' and I opened up my wallet, pulled out a wedge of cards, and went hunting for the ticket I did not have. I don't know why I said I had one. I think maybe I wanted him to admit he didn't want it for that or just to walk off.

Just as I fanned for the last of the cards he said 'to tell you the truth mate I want to get something to eat.'

So I gave him two bucks. I mean I have a decent job, and I am scoffing tuck I obviously do not need. He clearly looks like he does need it so who am I to get hoity about being beggared at?

Sure, I don't know if he wanted the money for something else but well I've been poor in my time and I know how wretched he must feel to have to beg for cash off a stranger. I hope somehow he is able to start climbing life's ladder again.

But next time I will have a half finished bus ticket I can flash if only to feel like a smug git at my prosperity.


  1. I don't worry about giving money to people who may or may not need it... I guess I'd rather give some change to someone who's going to spend it on a cask of goon than not give it to someone because I *think* they're going to spend it on goon when all they want is a sandwich... Mind you, living in Brisbane we don't get 'panhandled' that much and I'd probably be broke if I handled things the same way living someplace like Sydney.

  2. Yeah they're a bit less shameless about it in Sydney.


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