Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Howard now referring to himself in the third person

He's on Lateline saying "John Howard did this and John Howard did that etc"


Howard's now claiming we shouldn't nitpick about the past


It's pretty hilarious. Of course the past is no longer his friend. And, cross fingers, neither is the future.

UPDATE: The bits of the interview where he went the Caesar path to rhetorical success

JOHN HOWARD: Tony, I have a completely open mind about various energy sources but I do know that - and this is not just my view, it's the view of Australia's chief scientist. As of now, with all the available science, the only feasible ways of generating base load power are either fossil fuels or variations thereof, or nuclear power. Now that's not John Howard's view. That's the view of Australia's chief scientist and I'm always being told, and I respect this advice, that we should listen to the scientists.

JOHN HOWARD: I think you're struggling a bit with that question. 'Me too' in the Australian political context at the moment is about the attitude of Kevin Rudd towards John Howard and the attitude of John Howard towards Kevin Rudd. I think it's a pretty long bow to bring George Bush into the Australian domestic political debate.

JOHN HOWARD: John Howard, when he became Prime Minister of Australia in 1996, brought in national gun control laws. George Bush would never do that. John Howard's led a Government that signed the International Criminal Court charter, George Bush would never do that. I can list many things where our positions are quite different. John Howard happens to think the social security safety net in the United States is far too weak.

John Howard happens to have told George Bush that he should have a Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in America similar to the scheme that we have in Australia. I think he would like to 'me too' on that, but for a combination of reasons he hasn't been able to do so. You can always find similarities in approaches around the world. There are a lot of similarities in the language as well as the policies used by Mr Rudd and Mr Beazley before him with those of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

I mean in a sense they model themselves. They even brought Nicholas Stern out to Australia to sing the song on climate change. I mean come on, Tony, that's a pretty thin argument.

Oh and my absolute favourite part...

JOHN HOWARD: I think what people are waiting for is a proper engagement between Mr Rudd and me on the important issue and we begin to have that engagement when we address the future and don't nit pick about the past.

Really? Is that really the case? So ... no more mention of the 17% interest rates then.

Oh riddle me this. Howard has bleated until he's blue in the face that he backed every single one of the ALP economic reforms from the last ALP government. Except some of those reforms ended up influencing the 17% rate - you know the recession we had to have etc. So does that mean Howard is equally responsible? He seems to think he was for the reform part...


  1. Er... nitpicking about the past means holding him to his promises, I presume? And not his continual harping over how interest rates used to be bad under Labor, and how lots of Labor front-benchers *used* to be union officials?

  2. Yes, that's it. You got it in one.


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