Sunday, September 30, 2007

What did they expect

When the Howard government sold off my telecommunications company, the one that guaranteed the services I am untiled to under the constitution, it adopted a profit driven business perspective over that of a service delivery perspective.

The end result is now the Chairman is slagging off the government to its shareholders. See here.

Australia is a fucking continent. It is a continent that is sparesly settled. The vast bulk of people live within 50 kays of the coast in large interlinked cities. The interior as it gets further in fades in numbers of people.

The government in its wisdom put in regulations to ensure Telstra delivered minimal service standards to all Australians. You know, how we had it before they sold it.

Guess what? Telstra thinks its unprofitable.

Der. Der fucking Howard government. Well done for selling public infrastructure that enabled all Australians to have access to a minimal standard and replace it as a company instead who does its level best to screw over the unprofitable consumers. Because why wouldn't it? It's a company now. And companies don't like being forced to be charitable which is what the regulations do.

So who is to blame?

The Howard government. In their desperate lock step adherence to the 'free market is king' they managed to make it so telecommunications is less reliable and will likely cost lives in the long term, as well as leave rural Australia behind in the broadband stakes.

Congratulations. You have done well.

That's what can happen when you outsource public infrastructure. The public can no longer access it.

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