Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thank god ... the ... police

This just in from the smh, this "man" got done for 22 hours in plod house for jaywalking, for daring to sully a road under the watchful auspices of APEC.

Lucky the cops were there to spring into action, with four brave, dare I say heroic law enforcers efficiently well, er, effectively preventing this non crossing the road at the lights malcontent from foisting his evil on APEC and those that dwell within it.

Brave men and women of the NSW police service, I salute you. Too often your fine work, such as in this case, goes unheaded.

And an especial apology from me to the snipers during APEC who weren't allowed to take out Chaz from the Chaser. Next time lads, next time.

Oh, quote of the conference to Tom Allard of the SMH - writing here.

If The Chaser's stunt was humiliating for police, the comments yesterday by the new NSW Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, were just as embarrassing. Scipione suggested the comedians were fortunate not to have been shot by snipers.

If police snipers are trained to pick off people without warnings, then they seriously need to review their rules of engagement.

Maybe it's because Scipione's from the dark side of the law where he'd been responsible for the sneak and peak buggers of the Sydney plods? It might help explain his laissez-faire attitude to use and applicability of police powers Vs civil interest.

Fuck I hate the Laura Norder mentality.


  1. Yep, and John Howard's still touting the line that the special laws and overzealous policing were necessary because of all the nasty, violent protestors.

    Funny, that, because the only violence I saw was from the nasty, violent police.

    This makes me sick.

  2. What? He's still targeting the protesters?

  3. This may be a stupid question, but who's responsible for the security at APEC, the Federal or State Government?

  4. I felt so sorry for that poor guy slammed to the ground for bloody jay walking with his kid looking on. What a bunch of heros.

    Reason should've told them that using such force against that guy was absolutely ridiculous but I guess reason jumped out the window.

  5. I felt really sick about this too Mikey. The copper mentality has always been a pet peeve of mine. It's a generalisation, but you do need a certain black and white mindset to 'uphold the law' so to speak.

    I actually wrote about this same situation today too.


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