Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mikey hates hot firemen calendars

Look I do get the Hot Fireman angle. I do. It's the girl likes boys equiv of French Maids or those bum titty bum bum postcards on sale at the Coffs Harbour Newsagency in the 80's where I spent much of the holidays free reading their D&D and comics stuff until I got kicked out.

It still shits me. Inkling has one such thing on her toilet door. Again, her prerogative. I can see why she likes them. Muscled; save people. That simple. I do have to look away whilst performing a seated buttock push however.

What I suppose especially annoys me is these fucktards are all posing in incredibly OH&S unfriendly conditions - lacking shirts, appropriate safety gear like fucking helmets or gloves when using ropes, posing with arced up biceps, and generally grinning like a pack of arse-hats. It's like they're hot cops or something. When they turn up to a fire one of them probably has a job where they hold up a boom box so they can stylishly douse all whilst their hot gleaming hairless bodies are silhouetted by the searing sex flames. Bet most of them have fig sized shriveled testes from the massive amounts of roids they consume - in fricking handfuls like my like guzzling my morning metamucil to make my stools firm and easy to pass.

Do they make me feel inadequate?

Yes. Yes, they do.

Speaking of Hot Cops!

On a side note Cassmalo and I coined a new term for the youthful overly attractive graduates our organisation seems to recruit. Calendar worthy! And if someone is merely pretty they're Charity Calendar worthy - you know the locals stripping to save their salvo hall in their micro town or something.

I by the way, so not Calendar worthy. Unless it was some sort of Michael Moore lookalikes effort.


  1. firemen...

    At work a few weeks back we had a fire alarm go off after 5. So those of us who were still there had to traipse downstairs to await the hot firemen.

    So I hung around rather than heading home. No hot firemen. All old and old looking. So I left.

    Found out the next day that they arrived after I left. I was a bitter, bitter woman for the rest of the day.

  2. Casso used to be the fire warden for her building. She considered the talking to hot fireman a fringe benefit.

  3. lacking shirts, appropriate safety gear like fucking helmets or gloves when using ropes, posing with arced up biceps

    Mmmm, shirtless, pants-less...

    Oh sorry Mikey, you were saying...?


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