Friday, September 28, 2007

Himbo makes an uh-oh

Now I shouldn't talk since I make my fair share of typos. But well of the two things he wrote, both had mistakes in them.

Mr only-doing-this-until-that-Home-and-Away-gig-comes-up was in charge of labeling today's muffins.

Alas Pineapple was spelled Pineappel. And Poppyseed as Poppysead.

However the amazing E pointed out to me that in the case of the former, maybe said Himbo was trying to make it sound exotically French or something.


  1. See, there's a difference between a spelling error and a typo. What he made were spelling errors. Once again, gotta wonder how that person even has a job...

  2. Good point on typo Vs spelling error.

    He's a cafe assistant. I guess it's not really brainiac's required.


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