Sunday, September 30, 2007

Henderson takes logic for a test drive and returns it in an unsalable condition

Gerard Henderson, former non-declared Chief of Staff to Dear Leader, does not like lefties. Fair enough, I don't like his brand of neo-liberal 'rape the earth the ABC must die (even though I work for them), anything that is community in nature is communism in disguise' arse-dribble.

Henderson's Weekend appearance in the SMH 's effort is no exception.

Hendo takes Clive Hamilton to task for owning more than one book. You see Clive Hamilton wrote a book called affulenza which is about the western obsession to own stuff. To deny that the western world has an obsession with owning things is in my mind denying well reality and in that process at a forum Hamilton said of a fellow panel member that owning multiple pairs of shoes was probably an example of this materialistic fetish.

Hendo's response.

During the program, Doogue confessed to having something of a shoe fetish. Hamilton immediately sensed the ABC compere was significantly attached to her footwear and opined: "Having shoes is fine. Ah, having a large number of shoes and, ah, desperately needing to cultivate, you know, a sense of your self by your possession of shoes is a serious problem."

That's clear then. Hamilton does not believe anyone should own multiple pairs of shoes. But what about, say, multiple books or journals? If an obsession with shoes is a sign of untrammelled consumerism and materialism - what Hamilton depicts as affluenza - then an obsession with books and journals should also be a sign of untrammelled consumerism and materialism. And if it is wrong to possess more than, say, two pairs of shoes - then it must be wrong to produce more than two books. And yet Hamilton has written or edited five books in the past six years.

If Hamilton is genuinely against over-consumption, then his thesis should be just as applicable at Harvey Norman as at Gleebooks, the leftist luvvies' bookshop of choice in Glebe. But, alas, it isn't.

Wow. See what I mean. You can only benefit from a couple of pairs of shoes (I have one pair that's active and about 10 pairs of semi-deads). But you can absorb, learn, revel in, enjoy and think about the contents of many books. If you were a one book person chances are your an evangelical from the deep south and your book is the King James Bible.

Sure, it's a bit tongue in cheek with Hendo's likening to owning more than one book hypocritical if you point out that buying stuff for the sake of it or to make you feel better about yourself is a bad thing, but it's still a massive logic blowout that if it were mentioned to an android it's head would likely spin around then implode with the sheer moronic nature of said logic.

Gerard Henderson just when you can't appear more stupid you manage to outsell yourself. Kudos.


  1. Love the title of this post.

  2. I was originally going to say 'raped over the bonnet of a car' except I was worried about what google might do.

  3. haha well all you need for that is to have 'rape' and 'bonnet' and 'car' in your archive for the month, and google will put them all together to frustrate some pervert who's typed that in!


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