Monday, September 03, 2007

Generational differences

Recently exposed to some older Ozzers I couldn't help but think how Political Correctness is a good thing. Sure, using PC to shut down debates about race and society etc is bad, but using it to make it so bigots can't froth their crap out in public is good. It's also especially good to point out how using racism or bigotry immediately undercuts pretty much any argument they make since bigotry's foundation is in ignorance or preconceived notion.

No longer is being casually racist acceptable in normal Oz culture. Sure people may think it, but if they feel ashamed to express their views then all I can think is good. Of course some aren't ashamed to express those views.

Eg use of gins and slopes to describe Aboriginals and Asians. When I recently heard it I should have said something, but I didn't. Because I didn't want it to be uncomfortable. But I should have done. And I think if I am with my son and he's old enough to understand then I will owe it to him to say something and to know that describing another human by the negative connotations of their racial makeup is both ignorant and immoral.

Freakonomics, which is a must read if you have not yet, had an excellent chapter on how an enterprising anti racist named Stetson Kennedy helped make the KKK look like a complete collection of inbred yokel fucktards - by providing the writers of the Superman show with various Klan Kode Words and secrets etc that the writers then wrote into the show with SM giving them some chin music. Apparently seeing kids running around playing SM with the baddies dressed in bed sheets parroting dodgy Klan lingo caused a slump in the recruitment drive.

Anyway Stetson Kennedy coined the term Frown Power, which was a campaign to have people pointedly frown when they heard bigotry. Next time it happens I think I will try that with a combo of head shake that you give someone when they do a stupid car manuever in front of you.

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