Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Things I hate about hospitals

The food is often wrong and seems to arrive at +/- 30 minutes the listed time.

The fact some people don't knock and just barge in. Often when you're nuding up.

The fucking carpets which combined with my gypie hobbling walk charge my body up so every fucking time I near the spacebar of my laptop I get a static shock.

I hate static shocks.

And every time I swear and carry on. Now with TheBoy in the room I have to tamp down the negativity. No one wants an angry dad. I love my dad to pieces but growing up he was an angry boggle eyed man that scared me a lot of the time, even if he didn't really do anything.

See that ad about the Children See Children Do? It's fucking chilling and fully on the mark. All the bad crap parents foist on you can only be not passed on if you don't pass it on. So cross fingers I am going to do my best.


  1. Onya Mikey :)

    I get static shocks from *everything*. Gam says its because I shuffle when I walk (hmph), but I blame winter, because it never happens in summer. Even when I pick up Feifei a constant 'tic tic' of electric shock will run into his stomach... of course, he hates me for it!

  2. Boggle eyed man

    Made me imagine a guy with two games of Boggle for eyes.


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