Friday, August 17, 2007

Kudos to the calm of Oz Post man

I was getting a parcel pick up this morning - a ridiculously oversized package sent by my brother for the baby that when unpacked could have fit in a show box - when I walked in on an uncomfortable situation.

It was at one of those satellite post offices, almost a hole in the wall, in one of the suburbs of Canberra. Next to me a customer was screaming at the Oz post dude over some issue. Now I don't know the legitimacy of her issue, how genuine her complaint was. But it was clear she was getting no joy from Oz Post man who calmly explained he'd followed the procedures and his hands were tied.

She shrieked it up a notch about how she wasn't going anywhere, how she was going to hand out flyers about the store and how shit it was, how she would tell ALL her friends not to use this post office, and how the previous couple that ran it were saints compared to him etc etc etc.

Now given the abuse he was coping he would have been well within his right to kick her out. Hell, even yell back. Instead, through admittedly gritted teeth, all he did was stand there and take it and, at the end, say 'I thank you for your feedback'. She then clomped off in a fury.

I hate direct conflict. Loathe it. And all the while this was going on I was dealing with the other clerk with us both ignoring what was happening. I finished up and left. Then I decided fuck it and went back.

I told Oz Post dude 'you handled that really well mate', nodded, and walked off. He said a shaky thanks.

Like I said, I don't know what the fight was about. She could have had some shitty customer service up there at Optus bad levels. But she ranted and screamed and threatened his business and he took it and simply thanked her for her feedback.

So kudos Oz Post man. You're a better person than me.


  1. You probably made him feel a little bit better by saying that. What a shitty day he must have had!

  2. Yeah I think it did make him feel a little better.


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