Thursday, August 02, 2007

Indian Police release additional dossier

Dr Mohamed Haneef has been conclusively proved a terrorist according to Indian police, who have since released a portion of another dossier on the suspected "terror doctor".

'As you can see his class clearly indicates "Terrorist" said Captain Sanjeev Makaley. 'And that he has reached level 3. Furthermore it states his "player", the man who controls him is Umar Farooq, a known separatist. The orchestrator, the master if you will of the entire campaign is none other than Bin Laden himself!'

The Captain also pointed out that Haneef is "Chaotic Evil", which according to other super secret files means that people "... of this alignment tend to have little respect for rules, other peoples' lives, or anything but their own selfish desires. They typically only behave themselves out of fear of punishment. Examples of Chaotic Evil creatures are demons, werewolves, the dangerous and powerful red dragons, and the brutal orcs."

'You can also add islamists to that list of evil,' added Captain Makaley.

Left: Portion of additional dossier released by Indian police.


  1. Send it to George Negus, he'll probably put it on next week's show!

  2. Oh good lordy! It's far more serious than we suspected. You're right - this evidence is just as damning as everything else presented thus far. Quick! Let's arrest somebody - who can we arrest? We really should arrest somebody (better safe than sorry).


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