Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Farewell el amigo de flor de cagada

Attorney General for the US and backer of using torture on people, Alberto "Waterboard" Gonzales has announced he too is packing burro for wherever he is planning to go.

See here.

Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales has resigned after a controversial tenure as the top US law enforcement officer, The New York Times said on its website today, citing a senior administration official.

My favourite Gonzales story, and gosh there are so many, is when prior to AG status he was White House Council and he turned up in the hospital room of the then sick and ailing AG Ashcroft to overturn a decision the acting AG had made on the illegality of wire taps Bush foisted on his own people.

What an utter failure as both a jurist and as a human being. Possibly the worst AG since Nixon's AG Mitchell. And Ashcroft was a shocker as well but at least he backed his acting AG when someone turned up after an operation to try and have him undermine his said temp replacement.

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  1. Adios "el Tortura"
    See the press conference? 90 seconds, no explanation, no questions, exit stage right. what a pussy.


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