Sunday, July 29, 2007

Word veri results in accidental summoning of "Old One"

Canberra, ACT; Area blogger, Harrangueman, was killed and consumed today by the great pulsating and tentacle clad brain of Artuzelii when the heavyset blogger made the mistake of reading out the word veri he just typed, causing a rift in the space time continuum and allowing the blogger to be snatched via a limb and pulled through the crack following the uttering of the "Old One's" name.

'Everyone knows you don't ever say their names out loud,' said noted occultism and Cthulhu enthusiast Trador P Feely. 'That's just asking for trouble.'

The blogger, an avid pen and paper gamer, should have known better according to local gamers, one of who prided himself on having a Cthulhu player character survive an entire campaign by having the man being functionally illiterate.

'You can't summon what you can't read,' said Mr IdearippedofffromKODT.

'Personally I blame Blogspot,' said another unnamed local blogger and gamer. 'Too often their word veri's come up with combinations that sound like they came from a Lovecraftian glossary. Why can't the words be things like Bucket with a 6 at the end, or Spade with a pound sign? Why do they have to be fucked up fucking words that are gibberish, especially the 20 character ones that inevitably you type in wrongly, forcing you to have several cracks it before it goes through?'

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