Saturday, July 28, 2007

No work for you!

Under the terms of his residential detention it seems Haneef can't go back to work. Because, you see, he could poison the patients whilst working as a registrar! Or take photos of our buildings for the purposes of terror p0rn. I don't know, there has to be a reason in there somewhere right Andrews? I mean you wouldn't continue this charade of ill treatment against someone who was proven to be caught up in a terror incident not generated it right? It's not a purely political face saving exercise to continue to blacken the Doctor's name by inferring he's still of bad character for having distant relatives involved in criminal acts is it?

Left: An artist's depiction of Andrews giving Haneef the bad news.

Hey, aren't you Christian? Isn't what you've done your entire time in government been spittle in the eye of your lord and saviour?

Well makes sense. Ruddock still thinks he's a member of Amnesty International, even I believe still wearing his button despite the organisation asking him not to on the grounds of violating everything they stand for. So why can't Andrews still pretend he's Christian when he acts anything but?

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  1. A complete shambles.

    This whole episode just doesn't look good for the government does it. If they've any hope of retaining the upper hand of security Haneef has got to be painted as at least a tad suspect.


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