Friday, July 06, 2007

Howard on Iraq

Prime Minister John Howard says he does not believe Australia faces an increased risk of terrorist attack because of its involvement in the Iraq conflict.

see here

Of course it does. One of the reasons we got smacked for Bali was because we were in Afghanistan (and rightly so that we're there). This is as moronic as saying resource issues isn't one of the reasons we're in Iraq now. Of course it is.

I don't think he even gives a shit now.

Oh, this isn't the first time the govt has claimed Iraq hasn't increased us as a target. Remember when Keelty said the same thing and got slammed by the govt for it?


  1. Of course he doesn't give a shit. J-Ho has always done what is best for J-Ho. Prick.

  2. You know most politicians genuinely enter politics because they want to do something to make people's lives better.

    I can't see how John Howard ever thought that.


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