Thursday, July 19, 2007

Haneef: Didn't post bail?

I went off yesterday at the correctional department in Brisbane sticking Haneef in double super secret detention despite the fact he'd made bail and was being detained on Visa grounds.

However it seems his legal council have opted not to post bail so as to keep him in Brisbane? Not sure. Crikey seem to think so

Another remarkable development yesterday in the sad case of Dr Mohamed Haneef, when his legal advisers opted not to post bail, and he was therefore transferred to Wolston Correctional Centre in Brisbane instead of being sent to immigration detention.

But the article the link leads to doesn't mention the bail issue.

This story on the ABC mentions the transfer but not the decision to opt out of bail.

Meanwhile, Queensland Police Minister Judy Spence has denied the tight security surrounding Haneef's transfer from the watch-house to the jail was over the top.

Ms Spence says Haneef is being treated as a "terrorist in every way" and it is appropriate that he is heavily guarded.

She says Haneef is being housed away from other prisoners at the Wolston correctional centre in a secure area.

"He will be held in a detention unit in separate confinement," she said.

"He will not associate with other prisoners, but he certainly will have access to his legal representation and I'm told that his lawyers will be seeing him there this afternoon."

Ms Spence says the conditions are humane and fair.

"When he moves around the prison he'll be accompanied by two prison officers," she said.

"He'll only be allowed one hour of exercise a day, but he will be allowed access to his legal advisers, he will have some limited access to visitors and to the telephone."

Nice of Judy Spence to preempt his trial with those comments that he's a terrorist. Way to allege there Judes.

Ah this is better. I believe the Defence is attacking the Visa decision which is why they haven't posted bail yet because they stand a chance to get the Visa thing pulled. Otherwise if they post bail he gets routed to Villawood.

So it seems my pique of anger was correctly piqued.


  1. I wonder when we'll hear Phillip Ruddock and John Howard come out and whinge to the press about how Ms Spence has jeopardised Haneef's chances of a fair trial?

    Oh that's right- never! Their idea of a fair trial involves none of the actual 'evidence' being made public, and the guy getting locked away for life for giving his cousin a SIM card.


  2. I wouldn't mind so much if the government did the right thing by people and didn't use it as part of their desperate 'vote for me' crap and their constant leaking and insinuations.

  3. This whole thing has just pissed me off royally. I've not been able to write a coherent post on it though. Too annoyed, I think.


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