Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cold Calling Sucks

I will never be rude to a telemarketer again. Not that I ever have been I think - except for pretending I would buy raffle tickets.

I recently did some volunteer time with an org calling up people to invite them to cake and coffee to hear about activities of interest.

However it was work related stuff and I was calling retirees around their tea time. The first dude was a maybe, and a second dude was a 'what's your number so I can call you during dinner'. The rest were 'I'm busy' or 'no thanks'.

Ouch. The second one really took the wind out of me. The coordinator sitting across from me kept checking I was okay and offering advice. She's a good sort. But I think on balance cold calling is not for me. I had to suck up the courage before each call and got heart hammer half the time.

I do not know how professionals do it. One of the dudes there was an ex telemarketer. He said he got four nasty grams a shift and that even after doing the job for a while those responses still got to you.

Well it got to me, that's for sure.

So a hat doffing to people that do it as their job. I fully respect what a shitty job it can be.

On a lighter note I did get a laugh from some fellow comrades by describing "Piers Akerman" and "Fuckstick" as being tautology.


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