Sunday, July 15, 2007

Area man fooled by carnies

Today we went to the Winter Wonderland thing near Questacon in Canberra.

Wondered what that giant circus marquee was? That's it. Inside are about a dozen stalls and rides and outside are some dodgems.

Any hoo I went to the dodgems. Because the dodgems are fun. Doesn't matter how old you are - they is fun.

For some reason the carnies who staff the DJ cubicle are all fuckwits. Sure that may be a generalisation but in every case in my case - major fuckwitedness.

'Okay,' drolls carnie/failed DJ. 'Get ready to turn the keys to drive on out.'

Huh? thinks HM. What keys?

I look around.
There's no fucking keys.

So I yell out.
'What keys?'

'Look harder,' says carnie DJ, who sounds suspiciously like duffman.

I look harder.

Oh. It's a joke.

Ho ho, fucking ho.

Then, at the end, as we're coasting to a stop, duffman cranks out another one.
'Don't forget to put the handbrake on...'

HM did not look for the hand brake.
Fool me once...

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