Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Adios kewl boss

Well kewl boss left today. I had to escort her and her orthopedic chair out the building and take her pass.

So how did we commiserate her leaving?

For me I felt instantly better when I raided the fuck out of her pull out under cupboard and got me several post it note pads, pens, bulldog clips galore, paper clips, sticky tape dispenser, folders, more pens and, the crowning achievement, a solar powered large calculator. Gone are the days I do basic maths using EXCEL or going START - PROGRAMS - ACCESSORIES - Calculator (or where ever it is).

I had to face down a couple of other public servants who were eying off the trove of leave behinds.

In the end the easiest thing was to pull out her drawer and carry it around to my work station and sort the booty out into the various pots, boxes, etc I keeps my stationary in.

I will miss her. She was a boss that really pushed you and watched what you did. And importantly told you when you did a good job or when you did a crap one. Good bosses are rare and I've had two back to back. So the odds are I will get a shitty one next.

Well crossing fingers anyway.


  1. I hate using the windows calculator! The linux one is quite a lot better, but it's still so tedious compared with using a real calculator that it's usually quicker to get off my arse and fetch it than it is to use the computer one...

    Good luck with your next boss, let's hope it's a lucky 3 :)

  2. Ahh, there's nothing more primal than stationery wars. Did you wave the calculator in the air and scream ala the bone scene from 2001?

  3. I love my calculator. It's one of those scientific ones where you can go back and correct your formula.

    Thankfully, no one else at work likes it so I don't have to protect it with my life.

  4. Calculators can do that?!


    And yes. I did hold it aloft in triumph.

  5. Mmm.. my precious Casio FX-100AU. Got me through both binary-hex calculations and stats algorithms in exams. Multi-lines and formula editing rock.


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