Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Talisman take 2 - where HM and theWife play 2 characters each

TheWife had The Swordsman and the Prophetess. I had the Sorceress and the Assassin. The Swordsman killed the Sorceress in the city streets, then the Assassin killed the Swordsman in the Plain of Peril. In the end it became a toe to toe fight between the Prophetess and Assassin in the crown square and we got down to one life each. Thanks to a strength stripping spell used a few rounds earlier ... the assassin won!

The Prophetess is a stupidly overpowered character card and henceforth shall be banned. Take two adventure cards and choose which one to play and always have a spell. Honestly, what were they thinking?

Oh the other day while I was in Logical Choice (now Mind Games) I asked the resident Nerd manning the upstairs Nerd ++ counter whether the RPG publishing adage of 'put a half naked elf chick on the cover and it will sell' was true.

He said yes and pointed to a supplement whose sales were more than healthy thanks to the pic.


UPDATE I suggested a house rule where all followers add either +1 Craft or +1 Str depending on how macho they seemed (ie if all mysticy then Craft; if more furry undies and giant compensation weapons then Strength). So tonight I leafed out all the Followers and, using sticky labels, stuck +1 Craft or +1 Str on them. At one point my tongue was poking out with concentration. Occasionally I walk past the Warcraft shops - whatever they are called - and inwardly snigger at the gaggle of puffy girless boys in there painting their minatures under the watchful eye of a creepily red T-Shirt wearing store clerk. Tonight I became like them.

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