Friday, June 22, 2007

A quick one

Optus is shutting down very frequently and is being tested so I can't blog long.

I attended a work function last night. Who was there? The old boss who shafted me so utterly for my last job reference. Had to play nice with her. 'How are you?' between clenched teeth etc.

It was horrible.

But do not fear. I gave her a palm screened flip off.


  1. You should have given her the stink-palm

  2. Ugh. Horrible situation.

  3. Actually I saw my old Boss on Wednesday. One of my former colleagues had told me that he regretted that he hadn't promoted me earlier, because I may then I wouldn't have left. He also said to me that I had "built up an impressive resume.

    But for the most part he was a nice guy.

  4. Mikey, if this is a problem with Optus, the Whirlpool forums are the place to find out. (And to complain). The TIO ain't got nothin' on the public forum of Whirlpool.

    Many an issue has been solved there, and I have a sneaking suspicion it may be on your end.


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