Monday, June 11, 2007

One for the firefly fans

According to the wiki on the recent space shuttle mission to the International Space Station, one of the astronauts bought up Serenity and the boxed set of Firefly for the station's movie library.

How trippy would that be, being 350 kays up in space watching DVDs about being in Space? Especially watching Out of Gas.

Anyway, Firefly. If you haven't seen it, then do. It rawks.


  1. Ah well - at least if we get hit by an asteroid there'll be one copy of Firefly that survives.

  2. And the aliens will equate our DVDs with dinosaur technology (much like Beta videotapes), and will no longer have the technology to veiw the brilliance that is Joss.

  3. Maybe I should organise my time capsule to go up with it...

  4. I loved it too... recommended to my parents, and they didn't like it much at all. Should have known better...


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