Friday, June 15, 2007


Whilst lining up at Dick Smith to exchange my modem for a third (3rd) time, this old dude fully cut me off. I was so keyed up at all the fucked stuff that had happened RE this past week that I just started laughing at said old dude who had fully walked in front of me to get service.

I had to wait another three minutes. Then another DS clerk came to the desk and there was a woman waiting at it to exchange something. She'd been standing there just after me. She said 'he was next' and pointed my way.

Man earned bad Karma. She earned good Karma.

I thanked her on the way out and she shrugged and said 'not an issue, you were next'.

It's nice to see there are still some good people in the world.

Oh I believe in Karma in the sense that if you fuck people over constantly eventually you will fuck the wrong person over and you will get some back.

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