Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flowbee and Solitaire

Today I was forced to attend an all day meeting. All day meetings are horrible. They are boring, people get tired, and sure enough like fucking Roy Orbison today, some of them talk and talk and fucking talk despite they fact they are talking shit and no one wants them to talk. Roy Orbison? No, not the actual Big O. He's dead - and would be gamy. It was this woman who was wearing Big O sunnies the ENTIRE FUCKING DAY INSIDE THE FUCKING BUILDING and not once took them off.

Two of the people at this all day meeting were people I encountered early on in my PS career. Solitaire was so named cause when the Bevester and I worked in a mail room opposite her office all we ever saw her do was play solitaire. I later ended up working with her a few years later and during an office move had to ask her not to nail a picture to the work station wall as there were live power cables running through it up to the ceiling.

Flowbee is this Canadian import to our org who is actually quite a nice guy. He knows his stuff but he had this habit of giving critical feedback for everything in a positive way, using aussie-isms as he did so. Eg "HM, like this. What I'd like to see you do is place the graphic here - can you do that mate?'. Why flowbee? Remember those late night infomercials with the dude who had combined clippers to his vacuum to give a perfectly symmetrical haircut - that was the flowbee (mocked deservedly as the 'suck cut' in Wayne's World). Flowbee clearly uses one.

Anyway, all day locked in a room with Flowbee, Solitaire, the Big O and a few others - and it sucked. I was chucked the job by my departing boss (as a CV stuffer she said) to attend this regular project meeting about a subject I have no interest in. I don't know how I remained sane.

Oh - and to top it off I called the Bevester on the mobile (who had worked with both Flowbee and Solitaire) to laugh about it and, when I went to the cafe for lunch ... they sat down at my table!



Fuck I hate meetings.

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