Sunday, June 10, 2007

F_cking Optus

It's now day 5 of my shitty access. I logged a job with Optus mid last week then, when the tech called up foolishly, completely and utterly foolishly said 'it seems to be working. Can I put the job and hold and call if it fails again?' Sure I can. So it did fail and I tried restarting the job on Friday. Now I have to wait another fucking 72 hours. Apparently I will get a fucking call tomorrow. When I call them up to say 'I have a new modem and it only works with the cable straight into the modem so it's a line fault' and ask them to record that information against that job the fucked in the head tanshoot on the other end gives me the fucking run around about 'oh no, we can't record that - you have to tell the technician.'


So, so angry. Stupid fucking Optus. That's it, how do I get out of this contract?

And Optus. While I respect the need to keep costs down and I respect the need of workers overseas to staff IT related help desks in India I really, really, really fucking hate dealing with someone who has trouble understanding me. I know it's not PC to say it but why can't I deal with fucking Australians who know what the fuck they are doing instead of twats whose sole purpose is to make me angry with their 72 hours non recording tech update information.

PS Don't restart me on their INCREDIBLY FUCKED FUCKING FUCKED FUCKED VOICE RECOGNITION SYSTEM THAT DIRECTS MY CALL. Which caused me to scream DSL!!!! at the top of my voice when I once again lost it.


  1. I hear you dude. Its fucked. I've been through all that shit and you know what else? After my Dad died they needed him to change the name on some form, and that was like Hmmm now how would you like us to arrange that? A seance, perhaps?

  2. Oh wow... yeah. Change. Change or die of an aneurysm!

    Justine's experience says it all, really. They're not listening, and they don't care. They make it so difficult to change that they think apathy will keep you there.

  3. Believe it or not, I have had an even worse experience with Optus. Way worse.

    You need to a) Get a decent ISP, I suggest Westnet or Internode.

    b) Telecommunications Ombudsman man. They rock, and Optus gets fined at progressively higher levels if they don't deal with your problem.


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