Friday, June 01, 2007

Area Man spins an 00 on the IBS Roulette table

Despite this morning achieving a long wished for PAG that could choke a stoat I managed to ruin it all by doing something stupid like eat Kingsley's.

Ah Kingsleys, the McDowells of the KFC world. Where transfats are embraced not spurned. Where people know exactly what they're getting and they're not a afraid to take a number and wait 10 minutes to get it.

I didn't eat anything today except porridge and two fun sized mars bars (the latter when I realised I forgot to eat lunch). And when rumble tummied it tends to drive away the normal 'dive, dive, dive' klaxon alarm bells that trigger when near such naughty foods like Kingsley's chicken.

So I gots me a large chips, their evil gravy, and their insidious chicken fillet burgers. They were delish. And now I am paying for it, having gobbled some pain killers.

Stupid Kingleys. Correction. Stupid me.

(holds guts, moaning, says in soft voice ... it was worth it)


  1. The thing I find funny about Kingsley's is that they seem to be trying to have systems in place like Maccas and KFC, but don't quite manage to carry it off slickly.

    Still their chicken fillet burgers are good, and I like their croquettes (though god knows what's in them?).

    Haven't figured out though what makes their chips so "arseome", as the ad says.

  2. I like their fillet burgers and their crinkle chips. Even though they are EVIL!

    I do find their utter obsequiousness to customers in the Civic store creepy however. I actually got called sir/madam one day.


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