Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Well ... it did not suck

Regular readers will know of my apprehension visa vie the great meeting of in laws. Tonight it happened.

It did not suck.

My mum was only very mildly offensive (towards me - "oh Michael you do not NEED a third caramel slice"), Dad was charming, thewife's parents warm and talkative.

Thank god for bod my brother who managed to keep it all flowing along with tales of teaching. Alwayds good fun.

Tomorrow they're all headed out exploring the local sites while I toil on behalf of you, the Australian tax payer, to crunch this report data in time.

The only dissapointing note was the fact I oil derricked about 5 minutes ago so violently that my ring is stinging.

I guess that's probably one for the 'Too Much Information' file.

Stupid IBS meets gastro. Right now Act IV of Macbeth is firing through my guts.

Man - that's a nerdy thing to say. Maybe the witches were cooking up a big bubbling pot of Alka Seltzer to sooth the savage stomach beast or something?

Anyway, guts bad.

In laws are having dinner again tomorrow. Thai here. So we got to go through it again. Still, so far so good. It could have gone far, far worse.

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