Wednesday, May 02, 2007

There was movement at the station...

By station I mean my station ... down there.

As an IBS person of the constipation kind occasionally 'thar she blows' occurs. As in get to the toilet quickly because the blowhole is open to power open.

I did that today, making it just in time.

Only trouble was I was completely not expecting a wide bore one. When you are of the constipation persuasion, your business compacts pretty solidly now and then. Super compacts – but not in density.

So I found to my head vein popping horror that it felt like a Pringles tube width was trying to come out. I was forced to grip the stall wall in agony with my left hand as my right hand sought the tension comfort of the loo roll holder.

Fucking hell.

It looked like a tennis ball 1:1 scale.

I suspect I can now understand how DVDA feels. Well, the DA part at any rate.

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