Monday, May 21, 2007

So why can't he profit?

Some cockhead Liberal was on the 730 report whining about how if Hicks attempted to make money off his story then they'd bring in laws to stop him.

He wasn't convicted of a crime against Australia. In the country he was charged in they have freedom of speech. The only way the original gag order was applied was because a military commission stuck it on him.

Fuck it. If Hicks wants to make cash out of being railroaded by a fucked in the arse antijustice system then I say go for it. Tales of celebs in prison have existed as long as the printing press has. Why is Hicks any different?


  1. Never mind that Hicks has reportedly said that he will tell his story for free. Kinda destroys their bit of whiney-arse behaviour, doesn't it?

  2. I don't see any problem with him selling his story. Its not like he raped anyone or anything ...

  3. Actually I think he got anally raped by a glow stick.

    No, wait, I tell a lie. As part of his pleading guilty he had to sign a document saying he had 'never ever, nuh ah, didn't happen' been the subject of illegal treatment while in captivity.

    Geez that stuck in my craw. Lousy military commission fuckers.


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