Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hockey logic bomb blows up in his face

Howard is on 730 report lying his snake weasel arse off about Bastard Boys; "It completely ignored the fact the waterfront was in dire need of reform!" he shrilly denounced while labelling it nothing more than leftist propaganda.

No it didn't. The fucking ending pointed out the transformation the mutual decision between the MUA and Patrick vastly increased productivity. Despite efforts to have all these people on the heap you illegal sacking workers toad.

Anyway, Hockey.

Today Gilliard floated the idea that AWAs could be left to run their course but if a worker was unhappy with it they could leave it. Hockey claimed this was the stuff of fairies (according to the interview I heard).

Really Joe? So ... the fucked up too little too late fairness test which allegedly protects the unfortunates under 75k who were effectively forced to sign away award conditions for a 0.02 cent an hour pay increase don't get the protection you bought in because you belatedly recognised the political damage your AWAs were doing? Sucked in is it? Boo hoo, so sad teen workers with no weekend or public holiday loading? Tough titties for you?

As for your claim 'we never intended penalty rates to be traded away for no compensation' crap I am still laughing about that.

When you enable business to race to the bottom on wages and give them take it or leave it mechanisms to force unpalatable AWAs on workers, guess what? They will use them.



  1. Even the media is consistently referring to the 'fairness test' (which only a few weeks ago the government denied there were plans to introduce) as a 'backflip' by Howard.

    He does these things all the time, but rarely is he called out on them by the mainstream media. No wonder they're peeing themselves... it's very heartening.

  2. Ooh, I heard on the radio on the way home that the help desk public servants whose job it is to answer queries re: Work Choices have been told not to call it that anymore. Work Choices that is.

    Apparently the fairness test means it's not the same beast anymore so they can call it something different.

    I am sure it has nothing to do with trying to distance themselves from the ball and chain they made themselves.

  3. Ball and chain? Set-fast concrete footwear more like.

  4. thanks for the link, old chap.

  5. Much deserved old bean. It's so much easier in the new template system.


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