Tuesday, May 15, 2007

David Penberthy strikes again

Whilst cruising past the cafe in my work I couldn't help notice the Daily Tele's vomit across the front page.

HOW COULD SHE, The poor little baby dumped by her mother

(forgetting the question mark I noticed)

Rightly so people complained about it as not really helping. For example encouraging the mother to get treatment/counselling/contact with the relevant people.

But this is Penberthy in action. This is the same fuckwit who when the ex ALP pollie killed himself in the bush Penberthy hilariously passed around a mobile phone to colleagues saying 'its for you' only to reveal the call had gone through to the dead man's voicemail.

He's a shit stain on journalism in this country. And is one of the prime reasons the Tele has gotten even stupider and jingoistic than ever - akin to one of Rupert's fleet street rags in the UK that frequently go the boot into minorities all the while showing glassy eyed bints flashing their surgically enhanced norgs at anyone opening the paper.

It was most pleasing to see Kennett of all people, in his capacity for working at Beyond Blue, slam the fucker for his actions - see here.

It was most amusing also to read of Penburthy's feeble protestations at running it by claiming 'it was a gut reaction of all the young ladies who work for me', reminding me of Burns' version of events from the episode where he ran over Bart.

Virginia Trioli, who interviewed a contrite-less Penberthy on air, gave him an absolute beauty.

During a fiesty exchange, Trioli said she did not accept this explanation.

"[As] editor there's a process you go through where you engage your brain before you speak," she said. "The internal question might be 'How could she?'. But the question that you pose on the front-page of the paper surely has to be responsible in terms of what the police is trying to achieve, which is to get the woman to come forward."



  1. I read that John Howard claimed to totally agree with the headline. Of course he probably does, because he is totally lacking in any kind of empathy or humanity.

    But given that it's an election year, he's not about to give the Tele a backhander at the same time he's asking them for a blowjob, either.

  2. Didn't take The Man Of Steel long to agree totally with the headline.

    Gave it the big, fat, rodent tick of approval.

  3. Whoops. Sarah already said it. That'll learn me to open the comment box and wait five minutes before typing my comment.

  4. Ditto (the editor and Sarah.)

    It's odd when as politics keeps sliding to the far right, you find yourself more and more making the same criticisms as your old political enemies (Kennett.)

  5. Beat me to it Mikey ... I think I'll just link you up instead.

    I was upset by the headline as I felt that the mother would be much more hesitant to step forward. None of us have walked a day in her shoes and none of us has a right to judget her.

  6. There's a reason why countries are bringing in 'drop off safely no questions asked' centres. So babies are not at risk and so mothers who feel they cannot cope with raising a child can leave it with people who can.

    Penberthy doesn't get it because he is a cockbain. Which explains why it is so small.

  7. I have nothing to add, bar my complete agreement.


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