Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Life lessons

We have a giant purple ball. One of those exercise ball things. We never bought it. One day we came outside and found someone had lodged it under our car. So we kept it. Currently it's drifting around the backyard because when the tiddles come around it's a fun thing to throw (though it can be dangerous what with bouncing it off their head more than once).

We had a Copperart Hat Rack whose legs broke off. The rack - a mock mahogany - was lying in repose on the heap o wood crap that I will likely pay someone to shift. It looked like the ideal big purple ball bashing bat.

So I bashed the purple ball with it.

I forgot about the hat rack's poor construction. On the third hit it split in the middle where it screwed together. The split off piece ricocheted off the ball and smacked into my shin - shiny screw point first.

If you've ever been shin struck you'll know how painful it is.

So there you are. A life lesson. Never use a crap hat rack to bash a giant purple ball.

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