Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hilarious X-Ray of Ool’aaxa emailed to crew

Subtechnician Ool’aaxa, whose recent accident involving an anal probe caused much mirth within the intergalactic crew of bottom researchers, has had his misery compounded by the X-ray of the offending probe lodged in the alien emailed to the rest of the crew, with subject line listed as 'But how did he swallow that?!'

'OOOLLLLOOOOLLLLLOOOOLL,' said the technician sadly when he came across a copy of the emailed picture stuck up on his hexagonal personal items location pod.

The technician said he should not be held responsible and in reality the real culprit was who ever left that probe on the seating unit where 'anyone, or anything, could have sat on it.'


  1. Nice.

    Aren't x-rays normally a little darker?

  2. Well it's an alien X ray. So it's bound to have some differences.


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