Monday, February 26, 2007

Go Maxine, Go!

Maxine McKew is going to take the battle to Howard right in the heart (and I use that metaphorically) of his electorate of Bennelong. The former ABC journo stands a reasonable chance given she needs a swing of 4% now redistribution occured in the electorate borders to bring in likely Labor leaning areas.

All I can say is WOO HOO!

Righties will naturally be lining up to wank on about the fact McKew worked for the ABC means its nothing more than a pinko commo lesbo socialist factory (indeed, have done since she went to work for Rudd). But the idea of the most unpleasant man in Federal politics being arsed by McKew - who from I can tell is a passionate, intelligent, articulate woman who in her former days traded barbs with the weasely little rodent, is just delish.

Even if, even if the Libs got back in this year and Howard didn't it would still be a win win for the political landscape.

Alas with a Good News item comes a Crap News item. Hanson, that broken voiced be-atch from South Queensland that represents the basic negativity of the white race, is standing for the Senate as an independent. And I'm guessing she stands a good chance of getting in. Perhaps. But when Howard appropriated almost all her policies it kind of took the wind out of her sails. But if she succeed the greatest tragedy of all would be if she got balance of power too.

(Shudders visibly)


  1. I would have rooted for Wilkie, but he moved to Tassie.

    Good luck to Maxine, but I doubt any decent proportion of the population would even recognize the name (especially in the electorate that voted Howard in.)

  2. How did Wilkie go? Didn't he actually do quite well?

    I think she has a high profile thanks to Lateline. It may be enough. But you'd have to live in a hole to not know her by election day


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