Thursday, January 04, 2007

Weird Food Man

I am a weird food man. It's true. I have food eating habits. Here's just some.

Occassionally I eat toast in a bowl with a fork. I nearly typed bowel then. I find when you cut honey toast into strips and put them in a bowl and eat slowly using a fork you get a perfect mouthful, eat slower, and don't get honey crums in your mo - if you have to worry about such stuff.

Is that like George eating a snickers with a knife and fork?


At the movies I can't start my choc top until the credits of the movie start - nor have popcorn until the icecream is done. I swear I have gone to dodgy movies - or movies where ordinarially I would wait at least until they were on DVD instead of seeing them on the big screen - just so I can eat a choc top and popcorn in that manner.

Weird man. What a freak.


  1. I've eaten toast with a knife & fork before, but I think it had a heap of avocado on it and I just didn't want avocado all over my face...

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Weird. I do it too when it has alot of baked beans on it! Easier to eat.


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