Wednesday, January 03, 2007

If Hicks is a detainee from a war ...

... why the fuck is he being charged with crimes by a military commission? And if found guilty will serve time in a correctional institution even while said conflict continues?

Oh - that's right - because IT'S NOT A FUCKING WAR.

The Patriot act, which fuels this mockery of justice, made it legal for the US (in US law) to hunt down any member/former member of the Taliban or AQ anywhere on the globe. Then, in order to make sure they couldn't access legal rights that US citizens know and enjoy, they stuck them in Cuba. Which as we know is technically 'not US soil'.

Those dickheads who think this is some sort of shiny POW style cap with 'pip pip hooray' British office types trading humerous barbs with their German captors whilst secretly digging a bally tunnel need their head read.

I think in part they back this distorted concept of 'yeah ... er ... they're POWs ... yeah, that's it - even if they did get sold by bounty hunters and have little means to test veracity of Defence beyond holding them for five plus years until the evidence rolls in' because it better fits their righty mindset that Hicks is - to them - nothing more than a terrorist because they've seen the same grainy footage of Hicks holding a rocket launcher (from a completely different conflict where he didn't even fight) so many times.

I especially love the Coalition government's line of 'we couldn't have Hicks freed because he didn't break any Australian laws!'

Unbelievable. The law is there to protect people. Protect us from criminals whilst protecting people in the process to ensure they are treated fairly. It's what we Australians expect of our governments.

What happened to Hicks is a shit stain on this country's great and noble tradition of a fair go and done so not because it was the right thing to do, but because it was politically expedient. Except of course it has started to backfire on them and about fucking time too.

Of course Bolt, Henderson, Akerman and all those other cockheads in right wing commercial media are likely howling at this and trying desperately to continue the government line on this. But they too will falter. Much like some on the right have in media land when Global Warming was actually recognised by the Sun King as being a genuine concerning issue.

Maybe that's it? Maybe someone of Gore's level needs to sit down with Murdoch and explain that what has happened to Hicks is a mockery of justice. And Murdoch might listen. Because despite owning the propaganda arm of the GOP in the states Murdoch has form for going in for the battler. In the 60's or 70's his paper, and he personally, ran a campaign to have the case of an illiterate aborignal man's confession thrown out because said confession was picture perfect fucking English.

So come on Murdoch. Why not sit down with someone and hear the whole story. You don't need to back the coalition anymore - they're gone later this year like so much chaff. You can afford to once again be a decent person for a change.

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  1. Anonymous4:24 PM

    According to you Mikey a person can't be a detained combatant and be charged with war crimes at the concurrently , that is a rather silly claim to make if you ask me...
    after Rudolph Hess was held as a prisoner of war after landing in his plane in Scotland until the end of hostilities and then he faced trial for war crimes in Nuremberg...


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