Monday, December 25, 2006

Xmas Lunch Recap

I love these people. I do. But their thinking they can say whatever they like because they're related does give me the shits.

TheWife and I are big people. We are. Always have been. Yes we try and watch what we eat. Yes we try and go for walks. No, we don't hoe down in a trough of junk food on a nightly basis. Yes we are quite overweight. Yes it makes us sad.

Today at lunch the subject of a formerly fat girl came up. The parents waxed lyrical about her victory over flab and how she'd become a gorgeous creature, making a nice change from the grotesque (her word) mockery of a human being she'd been before.

It's quite easy to take offence at the subtext. Because my parents LOVE to talk about our failings to people. My brother smokes, so they talk about 'Oh I DO wish he'd give it up'. And of course I get the weight bullshit like offers of money to shed 33% of my body weight in 180 days or less. Our other brother has no failings so he doesn't get shit from them (and he's the clear favourite).

You tell them that it's a sensitive issue - but they don't listen. I think what I might do is couch it in terms like this.

'Hey if you had an overweight friend, would you discuss their weight problems with them without their having mentioned it first?' Assuming no (but they're old so you can't take that for granted) then hit them 'then why do you think it's acceptable with us?'

Anyway, I defused (for me) it my making some snide comments about 'well I better start doing some push ups then' but TheWife wasn't too happy about it at all. I don't blame her.


  1. Anonymous4:24 PM

    I know how hard it can be. I went from a size 8 (prior to giving birth) to a size 18. I just can't seem to get the weight off despite the fact that I don't eat that much junk food.

    If people are seriously concerned about any persons weight then encouraging comments will do more to empower the person to battle eating habits than will unnecessary, hurtful and soul destroying remarks.

    I don't care how big you are Mikey. I enjoy your blog and you seem like a nice and caring man. Thats all that matters in my books.

    Merry Xmas dude.

  2. Aw thanks dude. A nice post indeed. I am worried about how much I weigh - but at the end of the day it's my problem - and they don't help matters by talking about it.


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