Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Whoops - one (1) bottle of rum missing presumed consumed

Turns out Dad knew exactly what was left in his liquor cabinet. To the point that he drove up to my brother's place, who was well in trouble with his wife for getting pissy (as I was - sort of - with mine), where Dad interrogated us drunken lads as we swayed by the side of the road outside my brother's place. That and my brother was pretty out of it and he was worried about him.

My Christmas drinking wore off about 2 am. I have a mild headache but the IBS flared up pretty bad.

Still - a fun Xmas. Today was spent playing board games (Simpson's Cluedo, Buzz, Monopoly, UNO Spin) and groaning lots. No, no drinking today. Nor for a long while yet.


Merry Xmas, esp to those who watched my steady decline to soddenville. And yes I am surprised I was able to blog coherently (relatively) - unlike the last time I did it when it was complete utter gibberish. Hell I even managed to post a pic on one post.

Replaced the rum today. Told Dad I was sorry I had it without asking first. He seems cool about it. Pretty funny that he went to the effort of driving up to my brother's place to ask what happened to it when he knew perfectly well we'd snaffled it like a couple of teens giggling as we poured generous measures of the stuff and sculled it by Dad's bar fridge in the guest room.

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