Saturday, December 23, 2006

Vanity Plate Terrorist’s Undoing

February 23, 2005 - 3:59PM

Abrahim Akbarie, 28, was arrested yesterday after state patrol officers in the state of Virginia searched his car, discovering an AK-47, two drum magazines of 100 rounds each, several home-made pipe bombs, and a tourist map of Washington DC with the White House circled.

‘We’d had reports of a swarthy looking gent asking where the White House was, which raised the suspicions of locals,’ said trooper Daniel Pescat. ‘So we started trawling the highway to see if we could find anything, and, sure enough, we found something.’

What the troopers found was Akabrie’s early model Chevrolet by the side of the road, having broken down. But it was not the man’s middle-eastern appearance that caused the troopers to pull over, but rather the vanity licence plate.

‘The fact his licence plate said ‘JIHAD4EVR’ was our first big clue this could be our man,’ said Pescat. ’That and the sign he’d held up in an effort to swing a lift said "White House? I have bomb." ’

When questioned by the troopers Mr Akbarie claimed that the bomb sign was actually a reference to his car being of questionable reliability and that his poor English was to blame for the confusion. However the contents of his trunk proved otherwise.

‘It’s all in a days work,' said Pescat, likely to receive a commendation from the local trooper area command. ‘But what I can’t understand is how the boys at the DMV let that licence plate through.’

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    I really hope this is a joke lol.


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