Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stop picking on Christians!

Ah Gerard Henderson, I do love the fact your chosen photo does in no way represent your current snowy mane. Anyway, I digress.

Gerard recently opined in a righty way how he was sick and tired of nasty secular types putting down religious figures when they sway from the path of ‘can’t we all be nice for a change’ and ‘wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t rape the earth and looked after the least vulnerable in the community like Christ would have done given he mentioned looking after the poor about three thousand times more than man on man action’ and launched instead into their own anguished concerns about private morality.

Now there is a tendency on the left of Australian politics to regard a number of committed Christians with contempt - socially conservative Catholics and Protestant evangelicals alike. They are dismissed because of their views on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research involving the destruction of human embryos, homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

Yep, you see same-sex marriage falls under ‘private morality’, as does being homosexual. Because you see you poofters can all help being poofters and if only you signed up to one of those nice ‘Help! I believe in God but I am a dude who digs Dude’s’ Boot Camps where they show pictures of naked men and shock you with an electric charge in a form of behaviour modification. Then your private morality can be as great as theirs!

Sign up to ‘I have a penis and want to handle other penises; ZZZZTTTTTT’ today!

In modern times it's fashionable to be a Christian believer who proclaims a social agenda.
Witness the success of Tim Costello, for example. Yet, among many commentators, it is not acceptable for Christians to talk in public about private morality. Witness the ridicule which is heaped upon the Health Minister, Tony Abbott, for example.

In the final episode of the ABC TV comedy The Glass House, Abbott was sneered at as "the holy Health Minister". No such contempt would have been directed at a religious political activist like Tim Costello. Likewise, in the Crikey newsletter last month, the comedian Guy Rundle engaged in a rank sectarian attack on Catholicism in general and Abbott in particular. He would never write such lines about Islam.

Ahhh, here we are. It’s all about the Tonester. I tell you what Hendo, here’s why people are annoyed with Abbott. When your religion is such – and it can be any religion – and your role as the senior government overseer for a department like Health which focusses on empirically based medical science clash then yes, you can be ridiculed.

And no, he would never write anything like that about an Islamic Health Minister because the chances of an Islamic minister of government in federal politics on the conservative benches is about the same as John Howard apologising for the stolen generation. A complete fallacy to even liken it.

Tony Abbott consistently demonstrates his inability to place the objective health needs of Australians before his own blinkered morality – belonging to a faith that still has trouble coming to terms with the concept of wearing pants, having/enjoying sex, and that the use of condoms can prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. This is not to say Abbott hasn’t strayed from the path of his faith on health issues. For example he has publically supported fertility treatments for Australian women.

Which is interesting because I know of at least one medical fertility clinic that when its parent hospital was purchased by a Catholic Health organisation was forced to move out because of the ‘tut tuts’ from the ‘life begins at conception and doing any research on dud embryos that could help other women get pregnant is wrong – I know this because I can’t have sex but feel I am allowed to tell everyone in the world who can and cannot and how they can and cannot do it.’ organisation in question.

Remember kids, it’s like Hendo says. Homosexuality is solely a private morality issue. And when you object to statements like ‘homosexuality should be criminalised and they can’t be figures in our church and marry and adopt children like normal clean people’ then a kitten dies.

Or has sex with a same sex kitten.


  1. Anonymous10:11 PM

    It is rather curious that people like Abbott can continue to hold portfolio's like health when clearly they are unable to seperate their personal beliefs from the decision making process. To be honest when it comes to women's health particularly reproductive health, he is a pest. I really take issue with the way in which he has handled this portfolio. Then again the so called opposition have done nothing to actually hold him accountable.

    On another note, funnily enough I saw a rerun of an interview of Rudd for that spiritual program on the ABC (which name at this present moment of time alludes me) where he said that a politicians personal beliefs is the driving force in respects to representation of their constituents. I nearly chocked on my taco to be honest.

    I can see that the next election is going to shape up as one where the vote for the Christian conservatives will be fished far and wide.


  2. I have nothing against Rudd and his faith. His faith at least gives him a social conscience unlike these 'rich is good' megachurch fuckers that seemed fixated not on assisting those less fortunate but keeping gays away from the word marriage.

    Not all Christians are like this. Only an extreme unfortunately growing segment are.

    Abbott is a tool as far as I am concerned. And well done for wearing your catholcism on your sleve. But for doing so expect to get whacked for it when it conflicts with your job as a fucking minister of the crown.


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